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How to have Adult time on Vacation with Kids

Winter Break is here and the kids are out, what are we going to do?  Vacation, of course.  I hear you, it’s not really a vacation when the kids are around and you have to watch them. Fear not, my … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Valentine’s Day

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It feels like a holiday stores made up to sell more stuff to us. Saying that, I still like Valentines Day for the pastel pink and a hint of Spring right around … Continue reading

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The Magic Chicken

Magic Chicken Recently I have come across a magical ingredient that is cheap and easy to use. It is the BJ’s/ Costco Roterissier Chicken. It cost $4.99 plus tax and already cooked. The chicken is also healthy without a lot … Continue reading

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February 2017 Goals = Diet Plans

Alright, so how many of us has decided to lose weight, but haven’t done a thing about it. I’m not the best at dieting, and probably couldn’t even lose 5 lbs, but at least I want to start somewhere.  So … Continue reading

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January Awesomeness

The first month of the year is done!! Woohoo!!  I’m so grateful for this month because its really a testament of how far I have come and grown.  It’s also a great beginning to more brighter and better things to … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Shenanigans

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and we have a flurry of activities we want to do for it.  For some of us, we can celebrate Chinese New Year in a bunch of ways.  Traditions can be built.  It … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Books

This month we’re changing it up a bit by categorizing books by age. So if you would like to borrow them from the library over this Chinese New Year weekend, you will know what book might suit your child best.  Sorry … Continue reading

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A Smoother Morning..

Happy Monday!!  Don’t we all as parents wished that the mornings would just be easier.  Between waking up kids who cry because it’s still too early for school to forgetting a small snack for snack time, it’s a battlefield for … Continue reading

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Let’s Save Some Money.

Let’s not dawdle now, its the 3rd week of January and there’s still time.  Let’s do the 52 week money challenge together.  You can save a fixed amount $20 a week and save over a $1000, or save the dollar … Continue reading

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January Goals

Winter is here!  For some, this is not an enjoyable season at all.  I mean, who likes the cold, shoveling snow, or wearing a gazillion layers of clothes?  I sure don’t, but I realized that this is also the time of … Continue reading

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