Happy Easter 2015

2013   20142015 Easter pictures!! Yea!! I realized one thing and that’s no matter how busy I am, I will always do Easter pictures.  It’s nice that in a chaotic life of 2 kids, this holiday always brings me back to get the kids together and dress them up. Here’s last year Easter post: http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=4339 […]

Uncle B’s Bday Bash

It was Uncle B’s birthday bash last week, so Hotdog Bun had his favorite, SUSHI!! Uncles saw my pack of beans and asked what they were for?  Tricked them to playing sensory box with the buns. It worked for a while… Until, they found out that Pineapple Bun doesn’t like bugs.  Hotdog Bun decided to […]

A taste of the outdoors

I haven’t done updates on the buns in forever.  This is actually way overdue so here goes.. (4/15/13-4/21/13) This week is the official start-off to going to the park everyday and to use this stroller attachment for Pineapple bun.  It’s also her first taste of the outdoors without being in the stroller.  I was really […]