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It’s Cold- Layer up! My guide to Winter clothes for Kids

Snow is here and it’s really here!  How many inches did you get?  We’ve been having some ridiculous weather where I am and I have to make sure my buns are ready for it.  If you’ve seen previous posts, like … Continue reading

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How I budget and keep track of Pineapple’s Clothes

Welcome to Spring Capsule 2015. This is a new project I started in the beginning of this year for Pineapple Bun’s wardrobe. I started doing this project after reading blog.  I wanted some shopping freedom knowing I have to buy … Continue reading

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Mommy and me Style: Spider-man

It all started with shoes!  Why am I even surprised?  So here’s my spider-man inspired outfit.  Did you expect a cape or latex suit?  sorry this is not that kinda blog.  I opted for a comfortable sweatshirt, dark- wash denim … Continue reading

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Spring Essentials- Seeing Green Outfits

 Hi Everyone! Welcome to Spring!!  I love Spring for outfits alone.  It’s so nice not to be wearing jackets.  This year, let’s put some green into it.  The kids essentials are definitely a pair of shades and their water shoes.  The … Continue reading

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Easter 2014

Hey Everyone, it’s been a while.  Thank god for Easter because I think this holiday always brings me back to blogging.  I have a legit excuse this time, I moved, but every year I make the kids take an Easter picture … Continue reading

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1.22.14- Playing in the snow

 We couldn’t go snowboarding this season, but Hotdog Bun and Pineapple Bun had a great time outside in the snow.  We couldn’t even last for 20 mins but it was fun. Fell down and couldn’t get up.  Rosy cheeks!

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1.19.14- Prince Hotdog Bun and Prince Pineapple Bun

I got 2 princes to save me when I’m down.  Okay I can’t count how many times that people mistake Pineapple Bun for a boy.  Do people just naturally assume all babies are boys?  Or does Pineapple Bun really look … Continue reading

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1.18.14- I got me a date with Rain~

 “I got me a date”   ” a really really hot date”  “Must look really really fine”  “Pineapple Bun, don’t I look good?”  “Here Pineapple Bun, you can look fine too”

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1.16.14- 3 different people gave me this one cool outfit.

Thanks Aunty Cyn for shirt and jeans, Thanks Aunty Patty for hat and Thanks Aunty Won for shoes.

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