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January Goals

Winter is here!  For some, this is not an enjoyable season at all.  I mean, who likes the cold, shoveling snow, or wearing a gazillion layers of clothes?  I sure don’t, but I realized that this is also the time of … Continue reading

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Christmas Books

“Reading give us a place to go when we have to stay where we are”.  Sometimes a break can be long and rainy days make us stay indoors.  Why not curl up with some good books to make the time … Continue reading

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2016 Christmas Tablescape and my 5 Tips to Getting Started

Okay, I know I’m blowing my Tuesday, Friday schedule..  but I really can’t see the point of posting this after Christmas.  Afterall, this is a Christmas table happening right now, right this second.  I came up with this tablescape and … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas from the Buns!!  I know its been a long time, but we thought its always nice to come back with a card. The Buns have grown up to be little adults and doing great.  We took a year … Continue reading

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It’s Cold- Layer up! My guide to Winter clothes for Kids

Snow is here and it’s really here!  How many inches did you get?  We’ve been having some ridiculous weather where I am and I have to make sure my buns are ready for it.  If you’ve seen previous posts, like … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patricks Day 2015!

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day   Today is the day that my kids wear green, my unmarried friends drink and me waiting for this “holiday” to pass. I’m not really sure why this is even a holiday. Who celebrates this?! I’m … Continue reading

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1.22.14- Playing in the snow

 We couldn’t go snowboarding this season, but Hotdog Bun and Pineapple Bun had a great time outside in the snow.  We couldn’t even last for 20 mins but it was fun. Fell down and couldn’t get up.  Rosy cheeks!

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1.21.14- Saving money for a Snowy day

“Putting away the money..the money” “I put all my money in there” “I need more money!!”  

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