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Chinese New Year Shenanigans

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and we have a flurry of activities we want to do for it.  For some of us, we can celebrate Chinese New Year in a bunch of ways.  Traditions can be built.  It … Continue reading

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Our Mother’s Day

One of the hardest to get after having kids is a good family photo.  I’ve decided any picture where one of us don’t blink, looks drunk, cries like a maniac is a good one.  Moms can’t be picky. Action Pics! … Continue reading

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A year being a Mom- 2013 Photobook

I wanted to share what’s best about being a Mom, but didn’t know how until I realized I have a year’s worth of memories and reasons. Does the above look familiar?  This is actually the other pictures we could’ve chosen … Continue reading

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1.31.14- Happy Chinese New Year

Hope everyone had a good New Year.  I love Chinese New Year, I love the vegetarian dishes, I love visiting the temples to see my fortune for the new year and I love the festivities (dragon dances, pretty clothes, firecrackers). … Continue reading

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1.30.14- 5 Reasons why Uncles are better than Mommies and Daddies..

Uncles (and Auntys) are the best!! Reasons why they are better than Mama Bun and Papa Bun. 1.  My Buns are always safe with Uncles.  I never have to worry that they won’t take care  of my buns.  In fact, while … Continue reading

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