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Hotdog Bun 7th Month- Week 2- Apple Juice? Ewww!!

Eat. Have you ever heard of a baby who doesn’t like water or apple juice?  That’s hotdog bun.  The worst part is that you can’t make him do anything.  We had tried to give him the water warm, cold, in … Continue reading

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Birchbox 7/11

Wow, I think it’s such a coincidence that this month’s Cynthia Rowley Birchbox was like my Hotdog Bun Mama’s box.  It’s fun to really make a dedicated box to someone.  I have to say that of course I like my … Continue reading

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Baby Controversies- That your baby?

  You know what funny, people would never really ask you if that’s your baby?  It’s just rude, but what they would do is give you that questioning look wondering what the father looks like.  For the longest time since … Continue reading

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7th Month Week 1

Eat. Currently Hotdog Bun loves puree vegetables, he’s tried sweet potatoes, peas, squash and carrots.  He doesn’t mind eating cereal anymore.  He’s been doing so well that experimenting with solid food has gone super fast because there’s no sign of … Continue reading

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Hotdog Bun 6th Month- Week 4-

Eat. This week Hotdog Bun is playing chicken with Grandma.  He’s waiting to see if she would give up feeding him cereal if he screams, cries or yells enough.  So far Hotdog Bun is winning because he has yet to … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of anything hot dog bun chooses?

Hot dog bun in the red, white and blue @ uncle rich’s BBQ today. Happy July 4th!  Hubbs here.  In the spirit of independence, how much freedom should we give our little hot dog bun?  The wife and I have … Continue reading

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