Monthly Archives: January 2013

First Professional Haircut

After Hotdog Bun’s professional haircut, he’s turned into a monster!!  Okay, it’s not the hairdresser’s fault, Hotdog Bun is in his terrible two’s and it’s driving me crazy.  He was really good getting a haircut, no crying, complaining, just sat … Continue reading

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A typical Sunday

With such a gloomy Monday, I miss Sunday already.. Here Hotdog Bun is reading the Sunday Times with grandma while Pineapple Bun is hanging out with great auntie.  Can you imagine that all the aunts and uncles have moved up … Continue reading

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Quick update and more posts to come!!

Sorry I haven’t blogged for awhile, hey, new year, new attempt at blogging.  At some point, I was actually getting bored of the posts I was writing and I figured if I got tired of reading about my kids, so … Continue reading

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