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1.31.14- Happy Chinese New Year

Hope everyone had a good New Year.  I love Chinese New Year, I love the vegetarian dishes, I love visiting the temples to see my fortune for the new year and I love the festivities (dragon dances, pretty clothes, firecrackers). … Continue reading

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1.30.14- 5 Reasons why Uncles are better than Mommies and Daddies..

Uncles (and Auntys) are the best!! Reasons why they are better than Mama Bun and Papa Bun. 1.  My Buns are always safe with Uncles.  I never have to worry that they won’t take care  of my buns.  In fact, while … Continue reading

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Are you sure you’re not cloned?

Do you want your kids to be just like you, to a point where you have to convince yourself they are not cloned from you? When my wife was  pregnant with Hot Dog Bun, I always had the expectation that he … Continue reading

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1.22.14- Playing in the snow

 We couldn’t go snowboarding this season, but Hotdog Bun and Pineapple Bun had a great time outside in the snow.  We couldn’t even last for 20 mins but it was fun. Fell down and couldn’t get up.  Rosy cheeks!

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1.21.14- Saving money for a Snowy day

“Putting away the money..the money” “I put all my money in there” “I need more money!!”  

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1.20.14- New Rides..

“Before Hotdog Bun wakes up, I’m going to be a firewoman” “After he wakes up, i’m going to be a bad@$$” “I didn’t hit him, the cars are just touching..”  Taking a breather..

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1.19.14- Prince Hotdog Bun and Prince Pineapple Bun

I got 2 princes to save me when I’m down.  Okay I can’t count how many times that people mistake Pineapple Bun for a boy.  Do people just naturally assume all babies are boys?  Or does Pineapple Bun really look … Continue reading

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1.18.14- I got me a date with Rain~

 “I got me a date”   ” a really really hot date”  “Must look really really fine”  “Pineapple Bun, don’t I look good?”  “Here Pineapple Bun, you can look fine too”

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1.17.14- Poke Daddy in the face game and Wake up Hair

So good news, Pineapple Bun has learned all the features of the face.  Not only does she know to point at the part I say, but she also can say the parts on her own.  Even better news, I can … Continue reading

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1.16.14- 3 different people gave me this one cool outfit.

Thanks Aunty Cyn for shirt and jeans, Thanks Aunty Patty for hat and Thanks Aunty Won for shoes.

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