Our Mother’s Day

One of the hardest to get after having kids is a good family photo.  I’ve decided any picture where one of us don’t blink, looks drunk, cries like a maniac is a good one.  Moms can’t be picky. Action Pics! Uncle and Aunt with each kid. Secrets between uncle and Pineapple Bun.

Tiger Birthday Card Craft

We’re officially been homeschooling again for a week and a half and going strong.  It just so happens we were doing letter T week, so educational and fun.  Best part, we can give it to uncle to show him what we’re learning. Ideas always looks better on pinterest than in real life.  Maybe other people just […]

Uncle B’s Bday Bash

It was Uncle B’s birthday bash last week, so Hotdog Bun had his favorite, SUSHI!! Uncles saw my pack of beans and asked what they were for?  Tricked them to playing sensory box with the buns. It worked for a while… Until, they found out that Pineapple Bun doesn’t like bugs.  Hotdog Bun decided to […]

Spring Essentials- Skincare

 This is my skincare essentials for spring.  On the left is just the basic stuff I need for face cleansing and creams and on the right is my makeup removal arsenal.  Let’s start with my Spring/Summer Skincare 2014.  I’m going to be real and sound a little crazy because I change my skincare seasonal and […]

Spring Essentials- Seeing Green Outfits

 Hi Everyone! Welcome to Spring!!  I love Spring for outfits alone.  It’s so nice not to be wearing jackets.  This year, let’s put some green into it.  The kids essentials are definitely a pair of shades and their water shoes.  The shoes are easy to slip on and off and look like mini converse without laces. […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Okay, Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday.  It tops even my birthday because there’s nothing that’s better than having a title of Mom.  I’m sure alot of other mommies feel that way so this year I wanted to do a gift giving guide to help you appreciate the mom/wife you have. Disclaimer: Just so I’m […]