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Easter Sensory Box

Time for the Easter sensory box.  The thought started out that way, but finished, it was more of a gardening box.  I love it though.  I can show the kiddies how root vegetables grow in the ground.  I’m definitely using … Continue reading

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Easter Activities for toddlers and Kindergarteners

Pineapple Bun Easter Activity Easter has easily become one of my favorite holidays to come up with kid activities.  Above is Pineapple Bun’s activities for the week. Top left, she’s going to stick faces onto eggs before I stuff candy … Continue reading

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How I budget and keep track of Pineapple’s Clothes

Welcome to Spring Capsule 2015. This is a new project I started in the beginning of this year for Pineapple Bun’s wardrobe. I started doing this project after reading blog.  I wanted some shopping freedom knowing I have to buy … Continue reading

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Mommy and me Style: Spider-man

It all started with shoes!  Why am I even surprised?  So here’s my spider-man inspired outfit.  Did you expect a cape or latex suit?  sorry this is not that kinda blog.  I opted for a comfortable sweatshirt, dark- wash denim … Continue reading

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Spring- March Makeup 2015- Light Pink

Spring 2015 Okay maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I’m a makeup junkie. I’ve collected and purged, collected and purged and now it’s time to finally make use of it. Maybe I just have to admit the fact that I … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patricks Day 2015!

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day   Today is the day that my kids wear green, my unmarried friends drink and me waiting for this “holiday” to pass. I’m not really sure why this is even a holiday. Who celebrates this?! I’m … Continue reading

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