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1 yr Game: Sorting

Throw back Thursday!  I remember these days when Pineapple Bun was just fun to be around.  She was easy to teach and did things her way.  I had to simply put the activity in front of her, show her an … Continue reading

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1 yr Books- 100 Words

This comes very highly recommended from parents that have bought these books or had been gifted them.  If you don’t have these books and you really want to start building your bun’s vocabulary, I suggest you get them.  These books … Continue reading

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It’s Cold- Layer up! My guide to Winter clothes for Kids

Snow is here and it’s really here!  How many inches did you get?  We’ve been having some ridiculous weather where I am and I have to make sure my buns are ready for it.  If you’ve seen previous posts, like … Continue reading

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A couple of things about Potty Training: 2 yr old Edition

So you’re ready to potty train your bun?  But are you really ready?  The bun can easily show signs of being ready to potty when you notice a dry diaper more often than not.  You may be introducing them to … Continue reading

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2 yr Book: Classic Tales

Wow, we sure are making our way down the list of ages.  2 year olds is such a great time. At 2, unless they are super genius, they haven’t learned to read yet, so I think for this age group, … Continue reading

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2 yr old Toys: Alphabet Puzzles

Sorry for not posting last week.  Papa Bun got sick and and I went to damage control mode.  Everything that had to be done was done or getting there and anything extra just had to wait.  Now I’m making my … Continue reading

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2016 Goals- Level 10 Life

Let’s talk goals people!  Have you made your New Years Resolutions?  Do you even want to?  I didn’t want to make the same ole resolutions every year, not knowing the real reason for the change and not having the means … Continue reading

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Mama Bun’s 2015 Favorites- Pt.2- For the Soul

Okay Favorites Pt.2, if I knew I was doing a part 2 I might’ve included more stuff. Anyway, let’s talk Louis Vuitton SLG (Small Leather Goods) as this year, I went a little crazy.  Top left is Damier Key Cles, … Continue reading

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Mama Bun 2015 Favorites- Part 1- For the body

So these are my favorite things for 2015.  No this is not about the buns at all, but strictly things I just like.  For the new year, I would like to get to know myself a little better.   Although … Continue reading

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2015 Yearbook- Our Year in a nutshell..

Hi everyone!  Happy New Year!  I was planning for this post to be out last week, but entertaining for the holidays and the buns being home, I hardly had a chance to even take pictures.  So grab some tea because … Continue reading

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