Hotdog Bun 7th Month- Week 2- Apple Juice? Ewww!!

Have you ever heard of a baby who doesn’t like water or apple juice?  That’s hotdog bun.  The worst part is that you can’t make him do anything.  We had tried to give him the water warm, cold, in a sippy cup, bottle, regular cup and nothing works.  The only time he would consider having anything is if he sees Hotdog Bun Papa have it first.  Then he would lean in and try to grab it.  Just watch the video, he would drop his sippy cup to grab at the glass, even though the contents are exactly the same.  He would always puts on his “grossed out” face first even if he finds he likes what he’s eating.  Hotdog Bun is not even a year old and he’s already a picky eater.

Just look at this evil laugh…

Why can’t I have old sweet 9:00pm sleeping Hotdog Bun back?  Lately he’s out of control.  Hotdog Bun papa would have to carrier him and pat him on the butt before he sleeps and even that only works on our lucky nights.  On our unlucky nights, he sleeps in our bed.  So far this has happened twice and it’s starting to be a real bad habit.  Everyone tells me “don’t let the baby get a taste of your bed or else they would never leave.”  I’m also not going to discipline Hotdog Bun at 2am in the morning when I have work the next day.  What is a mom to do?

This week hotdog Bun likes to choose his own toys.  We had to clean the house because we had visitors and Hotdog Bun’s toys were everywhere.  We put them in a plastic box and since then, Grandma Sandy has been pulling up the box to let Hotdog Bun see what he wants.  He would literally search the entire box for the toy he prefers.  When he doesn’t want to play with it anymore, it puts it on the side and goes rummaging through the box again.  Hotdog Bun sure knows what he likes.


  1. YanJuly 30, 2011

    he’s adorable in the video. he’s like “meh, sippy cup…I want the grown up stuff”. look how happy he is drinking out of the glass. he’s moving his arms and legs. and my fav part is when he is mischievous. I wanna play with him again!!!

  2. CarmenAugust 31, 2011

    Funny thing is Felicity go directly from bottle to straw in a cup then just using the small Chinese tea cup.

    PS. all kids love ice. This is what I did when at a time Felicity didn’t want to drink water, I put an ice cube in it and she start drinking (cos she know in order to get to the ice cube she must first finish the water!!)

  3. albertAugust 31, 2011

    Regarding the ice, I’ve also noticed that Chace loves cooler water.


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