Hotdog Bun 8th Month- Week 1- Mama!!

We are trying to have the schedule where he eats meals with us and has milk in the between the meals.

5:30- Milk- I feed him before getting ready for work
7:30- small breakfast
9:30- Milk
11:30- small lunch
1:30- Milk
3:30- snack (optional)
6:00- Milk- I come home


After weeks of unsuccessful attempts to try to get Hotdog Bun in his crib and then more weeks where he slept on our bed, something had to be done. I spoke to a number of people and everyone says the same thing, nip it in the bud because it will be very hard to train him to sleep by himself later on. I’ll be honest, I don’t really mind sleeping next to Hotdog Bun, but I know it will be a problem later on if I decided to have a second child or things wouldn’t be the same when Hotdog Bun turns 7 and still sleeping next to me. I findly that just odd. So we started on the Ferber method with some tweeks. I will post another entry on the Ferber method later, but so far, it’s working out.

Hotdog Bun says Mama!!! It happened on 8/9 when I came back from work and in the bathroom washing up before I hold Hotdog Bun. Hubbs just came home from work too and wanted to coax Hotdog Bun to his arms while Grandma was still holding him. I just finished up in the bathroom and as I saw Hotdog Bun didn’t move anywhere, I wanted to show Hubbs how it was done. I clapped and extended my hands to Hotdog Bun, and he leaned over and said Mama!! Grandma, Hubbs and I heard him loud and clear as he didn’t say anything before or after.

Oh second most exciting thing ever, Hotdog Bun’s tooth broke out the next day!! Awesome week!!

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  1. YanAugust 31, 2011

    how exciting!!! first word and first tooth! can’t wait to see him and teach him to say yee yee and see his cutie tooth!


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