Hotdog Bun 8th Month- Week 2- Walker!!

All was good with the eating schedule until Grandma decided to replace milk with a meal. It doesn’t seem like a big deal under ordinary circumstances, but I do get very upset when it comes my supply of breast milk. You might wonder what does this have anything to do with that, but I assure you it does. For starters, I don’t produce a lot of breast milk. When Grandma feeds Hotdog Bun a meal instead of milk, he gets more full. Hotdog Bun, in turn takes less milk from me when I get home and therefore lessens my milk supply. So now I have to work out what’s best for Hotdog Bun’s nutrition as well as my milk supply because it’s a different game when solids are being introduced.

Sleep has been very interesting in the Hotdog Bun household. While Hotdog Bun Mama is using a tweaked version of the Ferber Method, Hotdog Bun Papa just plays with Hotdog Bun until he falls asleep. Two completely different methods that Hotdog Bun is getting use to. I do admit that I like Hubbs method because it feels less abrasive to Hotdog Bun. I also see Hotdog Bun will be taking advantage of this method in the near future. I use the Ferber method less this week as Hotdog Bun Papa has been putting Hotdog Bun to sleep. I do feel that when he wails out of control, it’s best to break that cycle, calm him down and restart on whichever method. Hotdog Bun, of course likes the “play until sleepy” method. The goal is to distract until we can safely move away from the kid in the crib without further crying.

Hotdog Bun has a walker!! We’ve been looking for a walker for the past week and realized that a lot of them have been taken off the market so not a lot of stores sell them. The worst thing is that the walkers that are being sold are all front wheel drive which means that the front wheels can go all directions while the back wheels are locked in two directions, forward and backwards. I was lucky enough that my brother still had a walker around that is four wheel drive and Hotdog Bun loves taking it for a spin!!

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  1. YanSeptember 1, 2011

    I love the captions! and bun bun’s chubby chubby cheeks! but most of all, the OMG face lol! too priceless =D


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