Hotdog Bun 9th Month- Week 4- Rascal teeth



Nothing happened too much this week.  Still in our bed.  I do have to continue to swaddle him because he scratches himself awake.  Hotdog Bun is too old to be swaddled, but it’s the only way I can get him to go back to sleep.


I noticed this week he looks at his hands a lot.  It use to be where he stared at it wondering what hands were, but now he’s trying to control his fingers.  Recently we have been giving him the Graduate puffs where he has to pick it by himself.  The puffs do slip off so Hotdog Bun is probably wondering how to put it in his mouth more smoothly.


We have opened the play pen up again.  The house became freakishly hot and the AC is no longer working.  Hubbs opened the play pen for him so he can nap and play in there while Grandma does her own thing.  He doesn’t mind the play pen on good days, but on bad days, he insists on being held.

Oh we also noticed Hotdog Bun’s rascal teeth now.  The teeth definitely shows through now and when he laughs, he looks like a little rascal.  Remember that movie “The Little Rascals’?  Some of the kids have a gap in between their teeth, that’s what Hotdog Bun has.  Too funny..


  1. YanOctober 20, 2011

    His rascals teeth are uber adorable! And those are some adorable pictures you posted. Can’t wait to see him next time =)

    1. judyOctober 21, 2011

      the teeth are cute until he bites you..hehe


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