Hotdog Bun 10th Month- Week 1- Taking Antibiotics and tofu!!


October is Halloween Month, so I decided to do themed pictures for all upcoming weekly posts!!  These are not weekly pictures, but I hope you enjoy anyway.  Oh, quick story behind the hat: I bought it for October and thought it was a cute pumpkin hat, but grandma came over one day and she said what a cute carrot hat.  Did you ever see that commercial of when the mom finishes the costume and the dad comes home and says what a cute lion, but the kid was disappointed because she was actually a horse.  That’s how i felt.  what do you guys think?  Pumpkin or carrot?  I guess I can use it for Easter too..haha



We can now add tofu to the list of things Hotdog Bun can eat.  Grandma did yell at me that tofu should not be part of the diet because I think there’s gelatin in it.  I’m just happy that Hotdog Bun is not allergic to soy.  I’m always wary to have Hotdog Bun try new foods because going to the ER is not fun for an allergic reaction.

This week Hotdog Bun has been taking antibiotics for Impetigo (a type of strep that causes itchy puffy full of puss pimples on his skin.  He has it on his armpit and neck.  I have a pic of it, but decided against showing it since it’s really gross.  We had emailed the pictures to the pediatrician and he put on medication right away that causes diarrhea.  The doctor told us to feed him more sustaining solid foods such as rice and potatoes which then translated to solids over breastmilk.  I had to tell grandma that method didn’t work and it should always be milk over solids.  I actually had one pimple throughout this whole ordeal, so I know my milk has made antibodies for this sickness.  Grandma happened to only feed him 1 bottle Thursday instead of the usual 2 a day.  I let her know that Friday should be more milk and if he cries for more, then he can have solids.  It’s always better to waste solids than breast milk.



Hotdog Bun has been so good this week.  I don’t know why I resolved this week for Hotdog Bun to sleep in his crib, but it happened.  It actually almost took no effort at all.  I swaddled him in his usual blanket ( I think the blanket was key) and put a pacifier on and he slowly went to sleep.  Let me tell you, Hotdog Bun does not like the pacifier at all.  He spits it out and rather cry as loud as he can.  I don’t accept this though and continue putting it in his mouth.  I don’t try to shove it in his mouth, but put it on his lips.  At some point, Hotdog Bun gets tired of fighting it and just opens his mouth.  After a couple of sucks and head shaking, he nods off to sleep.  I even stopped letting him stay in my bed during the middle of the night feedings.  Hubbs and I work together to put him in his crib, sometimes I do it, sometimes he does it.  It’s just whoever that is more awake does it.  This week Hotdog Bun has also been sick and sleeps really often.  I was worried that since he received so much sleep during the day that he wouldn’t sleep at night.  Hubbs checked him on Wednesday and he just lay there with his eyes open.  This happened at around 10pm when I really needed to sleep.  So I was really happy that Hotdog Bun was managing it by himself.  He didn’t even cry and work up at 2am for his next nursing.



I feel thse couple of weeks that not only has Hotdog Bun learned to crawl, but he seems to be climbing mountains.  It’s no longer like a snake on his belly flopping around, but more like a lion cub ready to pounce.  Hotdog Bun likes to stretch out his legs and toes when he’s on all fours.  He can climb over legs and blankets instead of stopping.  It actually feels like nothing stops him from getting what he wants.  If Hotdog Bun sees something forbidden like the light switch remote or phone, he’ll climb over anything to get to it.  ::sigh..



  1. YanOctober 20, 2011

    Sounds like little bun bun is growing up so fast. Last time i saw the vid of him crawling, it’s still on his tummy. Now he’s crawling on all four. That’s wonderful! I’m also glad he loves tofu. It’s a wonderful food. Has good nutrition. If you’re worried that it has gelatin, you can try the extra silky ones. They have less gelatin. Gelatin is what makes it firm.

    As for the hat you bought him, i think it looks more like a carrot than a pumpkin just because it’s missing those pumpkin creases. But nonetheless, he still looks very cute with it on. =) Do you have his Halloween costume picked out yet? Can’t wait to see what he’ll be!

    1. judyOctober 21, 2011

      haah i will definitely post the costume later!!


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