Hotdog Bun 1 year 5 months- Mostly at the Pier

I feel I can never quite catch up to Hotdog Bun’s blog because I am so busy with everything else. With all the recent posts about Pineapple Bun, you would think I only have one child.  Well, I will be posting more about Hotdog Bun, if not, at least you will get Outfit of the Day.  Enjoy the update!!



For the last couple of months recently, Hotdog Bun has been doing very well in the food arena.  After taking 2 trips, Hubbs and I became confident that Hotdog Bun can eat outside food.  Unfortunately it seems recently he has developed an aversion to his normal everyday breakfast food which is sweet potato and an allergic reaction to what we thought were okay foods such as strawberries and bananas.  After Hotdog Bun has these fruits, he would develop a very bad diaper rash and become hivey.


Hubbs finally caved in and let me take Hotdog Bun to the dermatologist this month.  They gave us a very extensive gun-ho regimen consisting of 5 different prescriptions including: antibiotics, cream, ointment, daytime allergy syrup and nighttime allergy syrup.  This crazy regimen was to be taken all at once for 7 days, but Hubbs and I didn’t have the heart to do everything.  We skipped the allergy syrups and went with the antibiotics and creams.  After 5 days, Hotdog Bun looked like a normal baby, but by the 6th day, he had smooth skin, but lots of blotchyness.  By the 7th day, his face was definintely worse than before he began this whole regimen while he continues to scratch.  Our follow-up meeting didn’t go any better.  He is now on a stronger steroid cream until he is no longer in the flare-up stage and then the doctor will prescribe him a non-steroid cream to maintain his eczema.

A quick update on this, we decided to no longer see the dermatologist as they are totally useless.  People might think that steriod creams help, but in reality they really just mask the problem.  After Hotdog Bun’s crazy regimen, he looked great for a week, but afterward, the rashes and scratching got 10x worse.  The backlash was just not worth it.


*Daddy’s a great ride!  He even comes with a chew toy.


We went to the pier a lot this month.  I wanted to get some family downtime before Pineapple bun arrived.  It exercised Hotdog Bun’s legs and he enjoyed the view across the river.

Hotdog Bun still doesn’t really speak or even make recognizable sounds unless you really take the time to teach him.  He can however, talk all day long in his gibberish language no one understands.  He is also very good at remembering and recognizing things.  We have a 100 word book where we ask him where things are on the page and he can point it out 90% of the time, especially if you ask him where’s the banana and strawberry.


*I love this sequence of pics because it really shows what’s happening: Hubbs picking out the right Hotdog Bun kid carrier pack, then Hotdog Bun looks over his shoulder to make sure everything is okay and finally his sly smile showing how much he likes his new ride.

I will not lie, he is in his terrible two’s.  He has learned to throw temper tantrums and get all over the place.  In other words, Hotdog Bun is exactly like me.  ::sigh, oh well.. On the bright side, Hotdog Bun also learned to blow kisses this month.  His kisses use to be just sticking out his tongue and maybe licking you if he felt like it.  I decided to teach him to blow kisses, so he can show me he’s affectionate toward someone or something.  Kids can be such crazy creatures, making you pull on your hair one moment and melting your heart the next.

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