Hotdog Bun 1 year 6 months- Blowing kisses and Backpack Giggles


For some odd reason, Hotdog Bun decided to didn’t like sweet potato anymore.  It was a very sudden thing that got me and Hubbs scrambling for what to feed Hotdog Bun for breakfast.  It’s just one day he woke up not wanting it at all and would take none of it later.  Hubbs tried to make pancakes for him, but it was too bland.  We finally settled on apple sauce and Cheerios.  As hard as it was to get Hotdog Bun to eat, it was even harder for my mother-in-law to feed him.  Let me clarify, my MIL doesn’t like change, so when Hotdog Bun changes, she has a hard time adjusting.  She would rather my son starve then feed him something she’s not use to.  Finally, Hubbs taught her that it was okay before she slowly adjusted to the new breakfast.




After the crazy skin regimen, Hotdog Bun was very uncomfortable sleeping.  This is the time that I stepped to put Hotdog Bun to bed.  I have to say that I honestly miss putting him to bed because he’s so much crazier with hubbs.  He would sometimes even cry for half an hour before he tired himself to sleep.  I have learned to put Hotdog Bun to bed, one must be very patient.  Sometimes, it took an hour or longer, but sometimes it took 30 mins or less.  My trick is to really let him be as long as he stayed in his bed near his pillow.  He would look out the window, scratch a little or a lot or roll around.  This is what I called the wind-down time, basically letting Hotdog Bun relax before he went to bed.  When he finally decides to lay on his pillow, I would sing him the ABC song, but at the end I would kiss him.  He would always wait for his part because it was the best part.  I also noticed that he had a pattern when he was really about to fall asleep; he would scratch his legs and move on up to his hands and then head.  Once he reaches his head, I turn him on his stomach on his pillow and pat him to bed.  It’s not easy being pregnant with a toddler, but love and patience does conquer all.  In the end, even for a short time, Hotdog Bun and I shared some real quality time before the baby arrived.  Hubbs sure appreciated not putting Hotdog bun to bed for the week.




The biggest news is of course being a big brother!! But, let me tell you, Hotdog Bun is not that ecstatic about it.  He had learned to blow kisses last month, but refused to blow a kiss at his sister.  It’s definitely a work in progess.  I can tell he will be attached to her because he has wanted to pat her they way I burp her and comes to my room if he hears baby sister crying.  The picture above was when he wanted to give his sister the pacifier but decided to have some fun with it first.

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