Are you sure you’re not cloned?

Do you want your kids to be just like you, to a point where you have to convince yourself they are not cloned from you?

IMG_6808When my wife was  pregnant with Hot Dog Bun, I always had the expectation that he would be a blank slate and would be influenced by his environment, our parenting and outside simulation.  I thought that this would give him a mix of traits and physical appearance from both Mama Bun and myself.  (Secretly, I hoped that he would follow more of Mama Bun’s traits, because she is tough and assertive.)  However, this is far from reality.  Hot dog bun developed many similar personality traits similar to myself, even though he spends much more time with Mama Bun.  He has the same touchy-feely emotions, being sensitive and caring.  Even beyond that, we look very similar.  Somehow, I always envision those photo-booths that created a picture of a simulated baby by combining your portraits would be the reality.  Don’t get the wrong impression, I am happy with my children, just that I was thrown off my expectations.

IMG_6844Again, my expectation were tossed out of the window when my daughter arrived.  “Mini-Mommy” is a very appropriate term to describe Pineapple Bun.  She is a bad-ass all around.  Until recently, she has always been very independent except for when she needed something, whether milk, food or help with a toy.  It is very funny to watch Mama Bun laugh and be frustrated with Pineapple Bun’s attitude, the very same attitude that I have to deal with.  I always say that Pineapple Bun was put on this earth to teach Mama Bun a lesson.

This goes back to the original question, what are you expectations of your children?  Do you expect your child to be just like yourself?  Or would you expect them to be a healthy mix of you and your significant other?


  1. CarmenJanuary 29, 2014

    My expectations of my children:

    青出于蓝 — Qīng Chū Yú Lán
    Green is Born of Blue (But Exceeds Blue)

    Students exceed their teachers, later generations surpass previous generations!

    1. Papa BunJanuary 29, 2014

      Is there a particular way that you would measure this expectation? When you mention teachers, I think about a particular area such as academics.

      1. CarmenJanuary 31, 2014

        As parents, we are our children first and primary teacher in their life, every day we teach them not only academics but also beyond. Truthfully, there is no particular measure of my expectation, I hope they can surpass me in all aspects in life (more knowledgeable, more compassion, more skilled……etc.). I guess maybe one day when my children have achieved something that better than I done, or teach me a lesson that I never knew, and then they might have exceed me. I know that this day will come in my near future, as we are our parents’ children, and some of our generation might have surpassed our previous generations.


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