1.30.14- 5 Reasons why Uncles are better than Mommies and Daddies..

Uncles (and Auntys) are the best!!

Reasons why they are better than Mama Bun and Papa Bun.

1.  My Buns are always safe with Uncles.  I never have to worry that they won’t take care  of my buns.  In fact, while I am selfishly shopping and strapping at least 1 bun to the stroller, the Uncles will take them to stores the kids actually want to go to and get this.. play with them!  So awesome!!  Sorry Uncle B, didn’t get a pic of you.

2. Uncles have endless energy.  I’ve walked hours in the mall by now, but the 2 buns still want to run another marathon.  Thank God uncles still can entertain them by escalator ride.


3. Uncles will never judge them.  This one is where they top off all the grandparents in the world because I know as much as grandmas and pas love the grandkids, there’s always judgement.  If your Asian, you know what I’m talking about.  The Grandparents always finds something to nitpick at the grandkids.

4.Uncles and Auntys that have kids can give really good advice or clothes and Uncles and Auntys that don’t have kids give time.  Either way, Hotdog Bun and Pineapple Bun are super lucky.

5. They spoil the kids rotten!  You see the hat that Pineapple Bun is wearing?  It’s $17!!  $17!!  I won’t pay $17 for a hat.  My child will go hatless, but thanks to Uncles, she doesn’t have to, but $17!  Am I just cheap?  If you have a kid, will you buy a $17 hat on a whim?  Let me know.



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