1.31.14- Happy Chinese New Year

Hope everyone had a good New Year.  I love Chinese New Year, I love the vegetarian dishes, I love visiting the temples to see my fortune for the new year and I love the festivities (dragon dances, pretty clothes, firecrackers).

This year we couldnt participate in most Chinese New Year things because we lost someone very close to us.  We did manage to visit Grandma Bun  and Grandpa Bun.

1.31.14-1Pineapple Bun has gotten very good with tying up her hair.  Mostly because i’m not mindful and yank her hair all over the place.  Pineapple Bun finds it hurts less if she moves as little as possible while my clumsy hands get to work.

IMG_6892 IMG_6896We don’t do much at grandma’s house.  Just eat, talk and watch movies.



The kids sure love to play Ipads.  I think we had 4 running at the same time. Even Pineapple Bun got some action in if she wasn’t too busy eating.

Hotdog Bun had enough Ipad for a week.


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