A year being a Mom- 2013 Photobook

I wanted to share what’s best about being a Mom, but didn’t know how until I realized I have a year’s worth of memories and reasons.cover

pg1Does the above look familiar?  This is actually the other pictures we could’ve chosen for our banner.  We gave the kids a bunch of stuff and guess which they loved the best?  well at least which one Pineapple Bun was most interested in.  Comment if you want the 3rd pic to be our new banner, I think it’ll be a good update to the current one.

pg2 That was Hotdog Bun’s first haircut.

Here’s the post. http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=3436

pg4http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=3512 Valentine’s Day with my 2 loves.

pg3Chinese New Year: http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=3466

pg5 http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=3648– Behind the scenes of our photo shoot.


I remember that April was the first time they went to the park after staying indoors all winter.  And then the real fun began when they got to visit the Fire station, Police truck, and EMT.  It always fun to have a best friend or two.  http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=3738

Okay so this is where I took a hiatus from blogging.  To sum things up, we bought a house, had Pineapple Bun’s first Birthday.pg7We had Father’s day with Great Grandpa.  We will always miss you ♥RIP.

pg8We went to the Science Center alot and even tried to make our own Dinosaur train and submarine.

pg9In the summer, we took walks on the pier and watched for boats and ducks.  The Blue crabs in the bucket were the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen.  And every year we visit the Penn house and hopefully this year, we’ll go alot more.

pg10This year I worked hard to try to homeschool Hotdog Bun. I wasn’t that successful because planning homeschool took hours.  It was fun anyway and by October we were able to do more projects.  We also went apple picking.


Finally i can just share a link. http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=4076

http://www.hotdogbunintheoven.com/?p=4059pg12Nothing too crazy happened in November.  And then Chace’s Birthday and Christmas rolled around.


Hope you enjoyed our book and year, we sure did.pg14

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