Spring Essentials- Seeing Green Outfits

spring6 Hi Everyone! Welcome to Spring!!  I love Spring for outfits alone.  It’s so nice not to be wearing jackets.  This year, let’s put some green into it.  The kids essentials are definitely a pair of shades and their water shoes.  The shoes are easy to slip on and off and look like mini converse without laces.

On Mama Bun: A green spring dress, floral bag and flower shoes.


I’m always awed how much the kids love bubbles.  Tip: its a great way to tire them out before a nap.  Although I have to say that this year’s bubble suck.  They don’t come out as big and they pop before I blow them.  Is it that hard to make a good bubble formula?spring5

How tall is Hotdog Bun?  Not that tall.  He’s going to be 4 this year and he is still wearing 2T.  Every kid I know younger than him is taller than him.  I realized it doesnt matter how good looking a person is.  If they are tall, they are already 5x better looking than if they were short.  Please grow Hotdog Bun, I want you to date and get married and have a kid so you know how hard Mommy’s life is.  I still love you like how you would love your pain in the butt kid.spring3

I love nosies with Pineapple Bun, but don’t ask me about Hotdog Bun’s stevie wonder moment.  He’s channeling his inner soul train.  Now if he could play the piano, that would be something.spring2



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