2016 Yearbook!!


We’re in  first couple days of January and it doesn’t feel like 2017 has quite arrived.  Does anyone miss 2016?  Before I’m too engrossed in 2017, I would like to share some of our highlights of 2016.  Every year has been better and better and the yearbooks are growing in pages!!  Enjoy!

January 20162016-yb-2

February 20162016-yb-3

March 20162016-yb-4

April 20162016-yb-5

April 20162016-yb-6

May 20162016-yb-7

June 20162016-yb-8

June 20162016-yb-9

June 20162016-yb-10

July 20162016-yb-11

August 20162016-yb-12

September 20162016-yb-13

September 20162016-yb-14

September 20162016-yb-15

October 20162016-yb-16

November 20162016-yb-17

December 20162016-yb-18 2016-yb-19 2016-yb-20

Hoping your 2017 is better than 2016..  Happy Growing!!

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