2016 Christmas Tablescape and my 5 Tips to Getting Started


Okay, I know I’m blowing my Tuesday, Friday schedule..  but I really can’t see the point of posting this after Christmas.  Afterall, this is a Christmas table happening right now, right this second.  I came up with this tablescape and hope you enjoy..  If you want to create something similar, below are my tips how..

img_1579  img_1580

  1. Theme.  If you have trouble coming up with a theme, you can always start with something you already have and love.  I bought those rustic Christmas trees last year without even knowing where I was going to put them, but knew I loved them nonetheless.  Fast forward to this year, and they are the inspiration to my table.

  2. Include ceilings, walls and table cloths.  It feels like a whole space has been decorated instead of the decorations floating around.

  3. Have a color scheme that spans the space.  It ties everything together and is much easier on the eyes.

  4. Apothecary Jars.  They can be used in different holidays depending what’s inside.  It’s great to add height and a bit of elegance.

  5. Pops of Color.  Since my color palette were darker more rustic Christmas colors, I added a bit of white and lime green to liven things up.


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas 2016.  Until next time..

Happy Decorating!!



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