Chinese New Year Shenanigans

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and we have a flurry of activities we want to do for it.  For some of us, we can celebrate Chinese New Year in a bunch of ways.  Traditions can be built.  It starts with doing it one year to doing it every year.  So this year, I’ve compiled a list every Chinese American family or not can do.

  • Eat End of Year Dinner.  This dinner doesn’t have to be fancy.  It’s about ending the year graciously with your family.  Grandchildren can laugh with their grandparents and cousins can play/ talk to each other.

  • Dress up for the occasion.  Wearing red is a must.  The buns are wearing the traditional Chinese New Year outfits, but if that’s not available, good old red or gold works every time.  We’re moving close to Valentines Day so red is a plenty.  If you don’t want to buy something new, maybe something red from Christmas is hiding in your drawers.

  • Make Dumplings.  This year we’re learning how to make dumplings.  We are youtubing different ways to wrap dumplings and different fillings the kids would like.  Pineapple Bun is enjoying getting messy and declares she would like to be a cook/ baker when she grows up.  If cooking isn’t your style go ahead and do a craft or color a picture.  This year is the the year of the Rooster, so there’s plenty to choose from.

  • Buying Chinese New Year Decorations.  Don’t know where to take your kids, go to a local Chinese store to find some decorations.  Teach them that red is a good luck color and dragons scare the bad luck and evil spirits away.  A mini-field trip to learn about Chinese Culture is a great reason to go out and can be totally free or not if you want to take home some souvenirs.

  • Try the Tray of Togetherness Dish.  This one might not be the faint of heart.  I think with learning a culture, you should always try their food.  If this doesn’t suit your taste you can always make your own tray of togetherness and fill it with candies that have meaning for you.

Hope you have a lucky year!!  Until Next time…Happy Chinese New Year.

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