January Goals


Winter is here!  For some, this is not an enjoyable season at all.  I mean, who likes the cold, shoveling snow, or wearing a gazillion layers of clothes?  I sure don’t, but I realized that this is also the time of year to take a step back and breathe a little.  I don’t have to go out all the time, I can stay home and cozy up into a blanket, I can actually do alot of things indoors.

  • Declutter all parts of my house.   For whatever reason, the bathroom is the first one up.  There were plenty of empty packaging around and bottles with one- more-use of product left.  I was so happy to use that last bit and dump the bottle into the recycling bin.  Doing so left me satisfied and freed up physical clutter in the shower.
  • Reorganize the attic.  Since decluttering is underway, we should all be brave and tackle something we might not want to do.  We all have that one part of the us we “forget” we have stuff in.  For me, that’s my attic I’m going to brave this month.
  • Binge watch TV or catch up on movies.  Nothing beats binge watching on a cold or rainy day.  Since January has plenty of those, expect me to cozy onto the couch for some guilt-free watching.
  • Read books to my kids.  Okay, so I’m probably not going to binge watch as much as I like because snuggling in the blanket with my kids and reading to them about Chinese New Year is even better.
  • Write this blog.   Freeing mental clutter is just as important as physical clutter.  It feels good to dedicate more time to this blog to give you updates of what we’ve been up to.
  • Dream of Spring.  It’s January and it’s not too early to dream of Spring.  Some stores already have spring decor out and I’m happy to see pastel colors in the midst of all the red and green.

These are my goals for January 2017.  Until next time, Happy January!

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