A Smoother Morning..

Happy Monday!!  Don’t we all as parents wished that the mornings would just be easier.  Between waking up kids who cry because it’s still too early for school to forgetting a small snack for snack time, it’s a battlefield for us sleepy parents to do 5 days a week.  Here are some tips to hopefully make your morning smoother.

  • Routine.  Kids thrive on routine.  If they keep doing the same thing over again, they soon learn that’s what they should do.  Our tasks are simple in the morning with no time to dawdle.  The buns know they need to get up and pee, sit in their chair for drinks, brush teeth/ wash face, get dressed, make their beds, eat their vitamins and put on their socks and shoes before sitting down to have breakfast in that order.  Practice pays off and because the buns know what they are suppose to do, there’s not as much whining.
  • Everyday.  This routine is done nearly every single day.  We do it on the weekends and summer even if the buns don’t go to school.  If they eat breakfast everyday, they can brush their own teeth and dress themselves everyday.

  • Gentle Reminders.  Don’t expect perfection in the beginning. In fact, don’t expect perfection now.  Gentle reminders are always needed, not yelling or nagging.  They will get the routine down if you give them the opportunity, so just keep going.
  • Start Early.  When Hotdog Bun started Kindergarten, Pineapple Bun had to learn the routine as well.  She could barely pull the blanket over to make her bed at 3 years old.  Yes, they can start as early as 3.  She would complain/cry that she wasn’t big enough, but now makes her bed before she even goes to the bathroom.  How time flies sometimes.


  • Wake up early.  This is for the parents.  It helps if we wake up earlier and give some time to ourselves before the kids wake up.  We’re always less cranky if we are not as tired.  It’s best to have at least a cup of water before they wake up.  I would like to wash my face and brush my teeth before that, but that never happens.  I guess doing it with them isn’t so bad.

Hope some of these tips help.  To let you in on a little secret, you don’t need kids to do a routine everyday.  Until next time, Happy Parenting!!

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