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This month we’re changing it up a bit by categorizing books by age. So if you would like to borrow them from the library over this Chinese New Year weekend, you will know what book might suit your child best.  Sorry about the striped background, trying something new.  Previews will stay and background will go.

Since this is a list of books for different ages,  I’m not sure if you will reach the end of this post, so until next time.. Happy Reading!!  Be sure to check out the next coming post of our Chinese New Year Activities.


For babies to toddlers.

  • Bringing in the New Year, by Grace Lin.  Bringing in the New Year describes what a family does for the Chinese New Year.  This author is great because she’s able to tell the scene in one short simple sentence.  Extremely easy for younger readers to follow and interesting pictures.


  • Dim Sum for Everyone, by Grace Lin.  This book is about a girl and her family out eating dim sum.  Going through the pages reminded me of what my childhood was like having dim sum.



For Pre-k-1st grade.

  • The Pet Dragon, by Christopher Niemann.  If you want your bun to get into Chinese characters, this is a great start.  They can see how Chinese letters were once pictographs.  The story is about a boy who gets a pet dragon that’s driven away from his father.  The boy goes on a journey to find his pet dragon and the author shows you different Chinese characters along the way.


  • My First Chinese New Year, by Karen Katz.  This book is very much like Grace Lin’s book Bringing in the New Year except there’s more sentences.  It’s about what a little girl does on the day of Chinese New Year.


  • The Great Race, by Dawn Casey.  This story is of how the different Zodiac animals became zodiac animals and their order in the Chinese character.  The Jade Emperor wanted a way to measure time and the different animals will represent a particular year.  He devised a race to see the order of the animals and the story is how these animals raced.


  • Chelsea’s Chinese New Year, by Lisa Bullard.  Another great reader for a First Grader.  This book breaks up Chinese New Year in different chapters showing the reader different things they can do on Chinese New Year.



For 2-nd-3rd grade.

  • Chinese Zodiac Animals, by Sanmu Tang.  This book is really for 2nd-3rd graders.  They can read about the silly characteristics of the different Chinese Zodiac Animals.  The pictures show different animals wearing suits and their shortcomings as well as their strong points.


  • Moonbeams, Dumplings and Dragon Boats, by Nina Simonds.  This book is more a reference book for parents, not so much a reader for the kids.  It talks about different Chinese holidays and how that holiday came to be with different old folktales.  It also gives simple activities and crafts to do with each tale.


  • A World of Holidays- Chinese New Year, by Catherine Chambers.   This book is about different activities people do around the world for Chinese New Year.  It shows real life pictures of how people celebrate this day.


  • Red Eggs & Dragon Boats, by Carol Stepanchuk.  This book is similar to Moonbeams, Dumplings and Dragon books that is more of a reference book than storybook.  It describes different Chinese Holidays and what is done on that holiday.  The different festivals in the book are: Chinese Lunar New Year, Clear Brightness Festival, Full-Month Red Egg & Ginger Party, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival.


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