The Magic Chicken

Magic Chicken

Recently I have come across a magical ingredient that is cheap and easy to use. It is the BJ’s/ Costco Roterissier Chicken. It cost $4.99 plus tax and already cooked. The chicken is also healthy without a lot of additives and roasted, not fried.

1st Dish. Chicken Congee. I wanted to find a way to use all parts of the chicken including the bones. Chicken bones make great stock. If you put rice in, the chicken flavor will infuse into the rice. Add some vegetables and this has quickly become one of the kid’s favorite dishes in winter. So yummy and warm when it hits the belly.

2nd dish. Chicken Sandwich. Here’s an unexpected twist where there’s no cooking involved.  You can use the chicken like a cold cut and just add lettuce and tomato to bread. Yummy.  Fan favorite of Pineapple Bun since she loves bread.

3rd Dish. Chicken Pasta. Pasta is a great dinner in any household. It’s great to add that extra protein knowing it didn’t take a lot of effort to make.  Sorry no picture, couldn’t make it this week.

Do you have any chicken dishes you love?  Comment below.  Until next time.. Happy Eating!

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