How to have Adult time on Vacation with Kids

Winter Break is here and the kids are out, what are we going to do?  Vacation, of course.  I hear you, it’s not really a vacation when the kids are around and you have to watch them. Fear not, my friend, here are some ways where you can vacation with your kids and spend time with your friends and spouse too.  Don’t believe me?  Here we go..

  • Vacation with your friends.  You may wonder why this is so important.  Well, they can be extra eyes for your kids.  The more friends you bring, the more eyes and hands to hold your kids.  The kids love having a new adult to play with and if they have kids, they have extra playmates.  Win, win.

  • Buddy to buddy, friend to friend.  When we go on vacation with friends, we too have a buddy system.  The boys go with the boys and the girls chill with the girls. Husbands and wives take turns watching the kids while the other spouse goes hangs out.  All is fair and everyone has a turn to be with their friends.


  • Swap Moms and Dads.  Take turns babysitting each other kids for an hour or two, so husbands and wives have some alone time.  The buns can go with Uncle and Aunt Set #1 for 2 hours and I will take Uncle Aunt Set#1 kids another day for 2 hours.  Of course this is with permission with whoever you are swapping with and make sure the kids enjoy that adult company too.

  • Day Camps.  Cruises and Resorts are smart.  They have camps for kids for a couple of hours so mommies and daddies can go on excursions or just spend some time together.  They are great with age appropriate kids activities such as crafts and drawings and the kids love it too.  It gives them time to hangout with kids their age on vacation.
  • Naptime=Adult time.  If you have small children that still take naps, take advantage of that time.  Sometimes adults need a little down time at the hotel to surf the web or watch some tv.  If you have a stroller, you can take a walk with your spouse and maybe enjoy some sunsets and its just nice to get some fresh air.

So hope you are enjoying this Winter Break.  Until next time, Happy Vacationing!

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