My Routine to Get the Fever down

Is anyone else sick?  The buns were quite sick this flu season and I hate to say it, I wasn’t quite sure what to do.  I mean going to the doctor is one thing, but then I have to figure out what to do at home to bring the fever down.  I’m by no means a doctor, I’m just a mom.  So this is by all means some tips to help bring the fever down.

1st- CHECK TEMPERATURE- Low grade fever 99-100 degrees is take fever reducer and check back in 2-3 hours.

2nd- 2-3 hours later- CHECK TEMPERATURE- 100-101 degrees, do a face towel/ towel on forehead and wipe down body with warm towel.

Stagger medicine.  I actually didn’t know this but if the fever is not going down you can stagger medicine.  My doctor told me Ibuprofen and Tylenol can stagger, but CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR.  Make sure the child is drinking as much as possible and resting as much as possible.  Forced naps are approved!

2-3 hours after that- CHECK TEMPERATURE ( you kinda get the idea by now) 102-104 degrees will be a lukewarm water bath.   No, don’t throw the child into anything remotely cold, everything at coldest should be lukewarm.  You don’t want to shock the child.  10mins should be good.

And repeat.  Anything higher than 104 degrees needs immediate attention.  Go to doctor, Urgent Care!

Being a parent is no joke.  I’ve done this through the night when Hotdog Bun caught something.  I’m blessed to have a child who told me he was thirsty, hot, cold, tired, etc.. but I know not all kids are this vocal.  Encourage your child to speak their thoughts and ask them a million questions.  Unti next time..

Get Well soon!

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