Tips to Plan a Cheap Cruise

Oops I did it again.. I know I really shouldn’t, but I did.  I booked another cruise.  To date, I’ve gone on 4 different cruises, all different ships and times.  After thinking about it, I realized that I’ve learned quite a bit on how to find a cheaper cruise.  So here are my 5 tips to finding a cheaper cruise.

Month of Booking.  Acquaint yourself with different cruises , dates and websites.  There is a lot of information out there and a lot of deals to be had.  I learned that deals come out in specific months, most notably May, November and January -March.  If you give yourself time you can find the pattern of when the best deals appear.

Time of Booking.  Apparently booking trips Monday-Wednesday is the best time to actually pull the trigger on buying the cruise.  This happened to me by fluke when I tried booking on a Sunday night and their site was down.  I thought I had missed the deal, but when I woke up Monday morning, I got even more savings to the cruise I was going to book anyway.  Imagine that?

Book Directly from the cruise line.  If you book directly from the cruise line, they are able to stack deals and coupons together.  For example, on one of my recent cruises, I have found that I can stack Kids Sail Free, Buy One Guest, Get 2nd guest 1/2 off, $100 stateroom credit and instant savings on a room.  Needless to say after all said and done, I got about 50% off the original price of the cruise.

Deals/ Specials Page.  When you’re on the website and don’t know where the go, start with the deals/ specials page.  There you can find currently what deals they have.  You can pick which of the specials gives you the cheapest options and book from there.  Some of the specials like I said above automatically get deducted when you book so it’s hassle free.  Having 2 kids and booking at the time of Kids Sail Free saves me $1000+.

Sign up for email.  I do it the old school way and just keep checking the website but you can do it the easier way and just sign up for email.  My friend actually had to call me to let me know of an awesome deal that I would’ve missed since all my email actually goes into the promotions side of my inbox.  Yes you get a lot of junk mail, but one of those emails can save your hundreds of dollars.  Isn’t it worth it?

So I hope these tips help you book your next cruise.  Until next time… Happy Sailing!!

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