Tips to Find the Right Cruise for You

My cruise vacation is finally less than a month away, by that I mean it’s 29 days away.  I can’t wait and thought I would start the Cruise posts a little early.  Look forward to Monday Do or Don’t’s on the cruise from me.  For now, we will figure out what type of cruiser are you?  Before you answer this question, take the quiz below, just kidding..

Know yourself.  Lazy cruiser Vs. Adventure Cruiser.  Ain’t no shame in being lazy.  Look, you worked hard and deserve to relax.  Laying by the pool and eating lots of food might be your swing.  No judgement here.  If you’re an adventure cruiser, you’re in luck.  Nowadays, ships are packed with a punch.  There’s rock climbing and Flow riding, mini golf for the kids and even bumper cars.  There are no shortage of things to do on a ship.  So before you decide on which cruise is right for you, know what you would like to do on the ship.

Know the different Cruise Lines.  I can name a easy half dozen off the top of my head: Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Cunard, Princess, Celebrity,the list really goes on.. It’s good to know the different cruise lines out there so it helps you narrow down your search.  Different cruise lines also caters to different people.  Disney is more for a toddler while Cunard is more for the older crowd.  Knowing the different cruise lines  helps you narrow down your search when finding the best deals.

Know your ship.  So not only should you know the different cruise lines, but within that you should know your ship.  Cruise lines have many ships in their fleets, some holding 1000+ passengers while others hold 4000+.  I like to check what activities are onboard before I book any cruise.  Minimum there has to be 2 things for the kids to do and 2 things adults can do, so we don’t get bored.  If you don’t know by now, we are more of adventure cruisers than lazy cruisers.  If you need to know your cruise even further, you can watch youtube for tours of a potential ship you’re interested in.

Know what you like/ need on a ship.  Some people like to gamble, so ideally a casino is good on the ship.  I have kids, I need a camp on the ship.  These small things can make or break your trip.  I check different websites to see photos of what a ship has to condense my search to finding the perfect ship.

I hope these tips help you get to know yourself better so you are a little closer to cruising.  If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Until next time, Happy Sailing!!

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