June Goals 2018

Wow, we’re already halfway through the year 2018.  I’ll like to take this this time to assess where I have been and where I am going with my goals.

Fitness.  I feel fitness is always the dreaded goal, so it’s going up first.  This year I’m happy to announce that I have lost 25+ lbs and still going strong.  My goal this month is to combine that with diet to see if I can go reach my first goal weight.

Declutter.  I’m really in the process of decluttering, at least in my mind.  I want June to be where I challenge myself to actually declutter.  I’m starting to have those thoughts where as a mom, I want to keep all my kids stuff, their old artwork, baby stroller, etc.  And although my heart is winning, my house is not.  I’m starting to feel unproductive and claustrophobic and that needs to stop.

Health.  So recently I have come to conclusion that I need to start eating my greens.  Personally it is not my favorite food, but I think my body benefits from it.  A salad a day, hopefully keeps the bowel moving everyday.  TMI.. I know…

Blog.  Sorry this blog is always the last on the goal list but its actually what I have been focusing on the last month.  I hope to do 2 posts a week so I hope you continue to read the blog and have suggestions for me.

So what are your goals this month and how did you do this past month? Let me know..

Until next time, Happy Reading (my blog, of course)!

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