Annoying Things My Kids Do

So my kids are no longer as cute they use to be, sometimes I find they do quite annoying things.  So here my list of annoying things my kids do.

1. They have to go pee after they shower.  Mind you, I make them pee before they shower, so how is it in 20 mins time they need to pee again?!? That’s gross.  They were all nice and clean until they stepped out of the shower to the toilet.  They were clean for 5 steps before they reached the porcelain king.

2. Fall Asleep in the car after I parked.  Look, I’m 20 mins away from school.  They could’ve fallen asleep for that whole 20mins, but no, they decide they want to look out the window, talk to each other and then when I finally parked, they’re fast asleep?  How am I suppose to wake them?  Isn’t it bad to wake someone up if they only slept for 5 minutes?  Will they get brain damaged if they haven’t achieved a REM sleeping pattern?!

3.Waking up after each other at the crack of dawn.  Okay maybe this is a 2 kid problem because if you have 1 kid, you might just wake up once.  I have 2 kids and it stinks.  I’ll give you an example.  Kid 1 woke up at 5, needed water and bathroom and goes back to sleep at 5:40.  Kid 2 wakes up 5 mins later at 5:45 when their alarm is at 6:30.  What am I suppose to do with a kid who got up at 5:45?  I just lost 1.5 hours of sleep right there!

4. You thought waking up was bad, what about sleep time.  My kids have a sleep time at 8:30pm.  He shall remain nameless, but the kid comes to me at 10pm and tells me he can’t sleep!? WTH!!

5.  The other one says she’s hungry every 2 hours, literally every 2 hours!! I have a friend that can attest to this. And if I let him, he’ll probably feed her too.  I’ll have a very plump Pineapple Bun. Haha!

Okay, these are some of the things my annoying buns do.  What do yours do? Let me know..

Until next time, Happy Parenting!

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