Advice To My 25 yr old Self

So Happy Birthday to me!  It just passed, but I don’t really celebrate my birthdays.  I did think to myself, I wish the now older me can give advice to the then younger me.

I would say:

Work for Passion, not Money.  If I had to give myself one piece of advice for my 25 yr old self, it would be this one.  Back then, I didn’t mind whatever job I got.  I only then realized later on in life that whatever I chose would end up being a career.  Something I had to do to raise a family that will take up most of the day.  If I could go back, finding what I liked and did well would be my priority, instead of just making ends meet.

Talk alot less, Listen alot more.  This would be the advice that I’ll give myself all through the years of my life without a doubt.  The life lesson I have to keep on learning.  Talking less allows other people to talk and having knowledge lets me make the best choices possible.   Listening has always been hard for me, but now listening to people and their stories is a great way to spend time with someone.

Travel more.  Learning how other people live is something I always like to do, but now having kids, it’s either too expensive to do or harder with more people to do.  I wish I traveled more before I had kids so I can scout places for the family and have more experiences outside my local self.

Workout more.  I probably should’ve tried to lose weight at a younger age.  I don’t think it’s easier to shed the pounds, but my body is younger and workouts are easier to do.

Have a hobby.  For me, having a hobby means learning to do something.  I will tell an even younger self to learn a language fluently but the 25 yr old self, I would want to learn something that’s less involved, maybe baking and drawing.  You might say that I can still learn it now, but I would’ve like to more back then.

So this is my advice to my younger self.  What would you tell your younger self, leave a comment below.

Until next time, Happy belated Birthday to me!


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