Spring Capsule 2018

I’m so ecstatic that this post is up.  Spring is at its end so I made it in the nick of time.  For those of you who don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, it’s basically pulling a number of pieces from your own closet, determining what new pieces to get, then to mix and match clothes for that season.  You can start with how ever many pieces you want, but ideally you should only buy newer pieces that go with your capsule.  I like capsule wardrobes because it makes shopping a little easier for me.  I don’t buy random things that will just clutter my closet.  I have a base closet I’m starting from and know when I find that right piece, I don’t have to hesitate to buy it.  I’m saving money by only buying the clothes I really want.


Pieces in my Capsule Wardrobe.  Given the season, the weather can go from chilly 50 degrees to hot 90 degrees, having variety of different clothing is key.  I have sweaters, dresses, skirts, jeggings for the nippier weather and tanks and shorts for the more balmy weather.  I threw in different coats for rain and wind and different shoes from knee high boots to open toe sandals.

Mixing and Matching. Even with so much different kinds of clothing, mixing and matching is key to a cohesive capsule.   Here, any of the tank tops can be paired up with any of the shorts.  The color palette is neutral with black, white and cream with pops of pale pink to show Spring is in the air.

I love Capsule wardrobes.  It lets me rotate my clothes around while I can save money for the pieces I really want to buy.  I find shopping sometimes to be very overwhelming and doing this I know to pick something that can match my existing style while still able to keep it fresh with pieces I bring in.  I’ve been doing this same Spring Capsule for years and this is the only year where I didn’t buy anything new.  So I hope if you feel you have nothing to wear from your closet, give capsule wardrobes a go.

Until next time, Happy Closet Shopping!

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