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So you’re ready to go workout.  Before you actually start to work out, having the right workout gear is important.  Yes, you can put on any old t-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers, but it is always better to be prepared.  I see working out like going on an interview.  You need the right stuff to get the job done.  Losing weight is no easy feat, so getting started on the right foot can ease the journey.  Here are some workout gear that will help you get skinny.  Okay maybe not skinny, but it will make your workout smoother and easier.

UV UPF Shirt.  Having a UV/ UPF shirt is great for working out outdoors  I wouldn’t replace sunscreen with it, but the added protection is good against the sun.  I even wear my UV/ UPF shirt to the gym as it covers more skin than the usual tank top, bralette or T-shirt.  Mine is also made of mesh material, so its breathable in the summer heat.

Compression Pants.  This is new to me until I started to workout.  Compression pants are super tight leggings for holding up the muscles.  After a workout, the muscles become looser and the compression pants help with the swelling and reduces soreness.

New Workout Outfit.  This might seem insignificant but soemtimes wearing a new workout outfit or seeing how it works in the gym is just enough motivation to get yourself to the gym.  Everyone feels more confident when they know they look good.  A matched workout outfit might make you feel pumped enough to keep going.

Music.  I need music to workout.   I bring my small iPod Shuffle that works well outside and inside.  Music helps push me farther when I want to stop.  I’ll tell myself just until the song finishes or I can do another song.  Anything that can keep me working out.

Water bottle.  Having a water bottle is great for less trips to the water fountain.  You dont need to break your workout because you are thirsty.  I like to gulp down my water and the water fountain just doesn’t cut it for me.

Pouch.  Everyone needs to carry the essentials. A phone, house keys, their shuffle.  It’s easier than carrying a gym bag.  Who wants to carry a big gym bag if they are going for a quick run?  A stretchable pouch is the way to go.

Phone.  A smartphone these days is truly a multifunctional item.  You can track your workouts, listen to music and take selfies to motivate yourself to losing more weight.  There are even more fitness apps to help with your workout routine.  A workout is not the same without a phone.

Most of this gear you can get on Amazon.  Do you wear any special clothes for working out.  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Until next time, Happy Working out! Or Happy Shopping!

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