My Indoor Workout Routine

Before I joined a gym, I worked out at home.  You don’t necessary need to join the gym to workout.  It would help if you had weights and a mat though.  Below is my routine for working out indoors.  For higher intensity, just add reps or sets.  It’s a full body workout by alternating between different muscles making the workout beginner-friendly.

Jumping Jacks (3 sets of 20).  I like to start off doing jumping jacks to get the heart rate up.  It’s also easy enough to do to let you body know you are about to work out.

Squat kicks (1 set of 20). So you squat down and then come up and kick with your right foot, squat down again and come up to kick your left foot. Each time you kick your foot, it counts as 1.  You’re really doing 10 reps, but I’m counting it as 20 to keep the motivation high.  You’re working hard and every squat should count.

Biceps (3 sets of 20)/ Triceps (3 sets of 20).  I do a set of biceps then triceps then biceps/ triceps until I do 3 sets of each.  Here are the simple steps to find the right weight for yourself. 1. Pick a weight that you can do 20 reps. 2. When you bring the weight towards your body body, feel the muscles stretch.  3. If you have paused more than 2 times because the weight is too heavy, it’s because your weight is too heavy.  4. If you did 20 reps in 10 seconds, your weight is too light.  Ideally you really want to feel your muscles working as you lift your weight.  It might take a couple of trials of error to figuring out what weight is good for you, but it is well worth finding out.  If your body things the weight is too heavy, it becomes hard to do.  If your weight is too light, you’re not really working out.

Lunges (1 set of 20).  This one is quite easy, stand with your two feet facing forward and take a step out where your leg forms a right angle, that’s 1 count.  You can make it harder by alternating legs without stopping or hold on to weights while you do the lunges.  For beginners, just work on the form and feel the weight on your muscles.  If you have room like a hallway, you can do walking lunges, if not, just step forward and backward to stay in place.

Crunches (1 set 30).  Personally doing crunches won’t give you a six pack, but you are working your stomach muscles while your arm and leg muscles rest.  I put this in the workout to set up for the next workout which are leg extensions.

Leg extensions (1 set 30).  The best way to describe leg extensions is while on your back you are kinda riding a bicycle but extending your leg all the way out.  As your develop more leg muscles, these get harder to do because your legs become heavier.

Again this workout routine is for beginners and takes about 15 mins.  I would do 2-3 times (circuits) of this routine in one session to get a fuller sweatier workout.  If my descriptions don’t make sense on how to do the actual workout, please check online for pictures or videos.

Are you going on a Fitness Journey?  How’s it going?  Is it working?  Let me know in the comments below.  I hope you give my indoor workout routine a try.

Until next time, Happy Working out!

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