Travel Shoes

When I am traveling, having the right footwear is essential.  I don’t want any hurting feet on my trip.  I’ve compiled all the shoes I have brought on my cruise and I realized that I covered all the basics.  You don’t have to bring them all, but below is a good starting point.  Bring as necessary and what would fit in the luggage.

Closed Toe Shoes.  I’m quite simple, these would be my Toms.  They are good for light sightseeing and easy to slip on and off.  They are fancier than sneakers and match outfits pretty casually.  If you don’t own toms, ballet flats will do the trick.

Flip Flops.  I like a little sparkle on my flip flops in case I want to walk around the resort and its great if I happen to wander near the pool.  Beach days on the sand also need a good pair of flip flops.

High Heels. This is not for every trip, but for dress up nights on a cruise or a date night during a vacation, high heels are a must.  I bring a pair that matches all my dresses, white or nude and always open toe.

Sneakers.  For the trips that have a lot of walking, sneakers are always the most comfortable.  I workout on my cruise vacations so I always bring a pair on me.

There are of course other shoes such as water shoes, or rain boots.  Depending on where and what time of season you are traveling, think about the weather before packing.

What footwear would you bring?  Am I being extra?  Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Vacationing!

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