Cruise- To Buy Pictures or Not?

You have already paid an arm and a leg for your cruise vacation, should you buy other things too?  If you ever went cruising, you know that pictures cost around $15-$25 for one picture.  Is it really worth getting?

Quality.  For me, nothing beats the quality of the photo.  As you see on the top, that picture didn’t come out the best.  Having a studio quality photo on your gallery wall makes that picture worth it.

Memories.  We love the memories we create on our vacation.  Having a photo constantly reminds us of the great time we had when we see that picture.

Cruise Pasttime.  Although a lot of cruises use digital viewing for the photos, nothing beats going to the photo deck and flip through each photo by hand.  Don’t bring the kids, they want everything.  Papa Bun and I will laugh at the photos and decide which one to get is best.  We generally get one a day and it’s one of our favorite things to do while cruising.  Sometimes if you’re super lucky, they will pick a photo and put it on the Frame of Fame wall and you can take it home for free.

Gallery Wall.  Once I purchase the photos, I love adding it to my cruise wall.  Yes, I have a dedicated space for just cruise pictures since I paid my money for it.  I must glorify them to the max.  I know I sound crazy but it’s nice to see them when I walk past them on my way to doing laundry.

So to buy criuse pictures or not? It’s a YAY for me!  Do you buy cruise pictures?  Leave a comment below.

Until next time, Happy Cruising! 

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