Fit in Fitness while working 9-5.

Recently I realized not everyone has the time to workout.  Working a 9-5 job makes working out somewhat more challenging because not only does the 9-5 the prime time of the day, but some people commute to work taking up even more time.  So below are some ways I would fit in fitness on a work day.

Different Train stop.  Daily walking is a good thing.  Some people have desk jobs where all they do is sit all day.  I found out one day Papa bun gets off one or two train stops before or after his actual stop so he can walk 15-20 mins more.  Walking daily boosts the heart rate up and keeps the body in shape.

Lunch workouts.  I have done lunch workouts and they are not easy.  It’s really not enough time to workout in the gym and then shower, but we all have to do what we have to do.  My colleague also does daily lunch break walks where he walks with another colleague for a half hour.  We have to squeeze in fitness whenever we can.

Wake up early.  This will be my method for the upcoming Fall.  I will wake up early to workout so it doesn’t take any of my prime time later on.  I haven’t tried it yet, but will keep you posted.

Use the stairs.  This might be a hard one depending where you work or live, but if the staircase is accessible, maybe not taking the elevator can be a workout.  I used to live on the 21st floor and had walked it up once.  That’s a workout.

Workout After Work.  This is a no brainer and of course it would be great if you can.  Like I said before, whenever you can squeeze it in.  Some people find it stress relieving to workout after work.  I’m more of a morning person, so it doesn’t quite work out for me.

I hope some of these ways can help you work in some extra fitness into your life.  How do you fit in a work out?  Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Working Out!

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