Ship Vs. Ship- Adult Entertainment

Okay so we have talked about Cruise ship kid camps, now let’s talk about Adult Entertainment.  No, not that type of adult entertainment, the kind where you do an activity, dressed.  Also, I do not count pools as adult entertainment.  I’m looking for entertainment only that cruise line has to offer.  If my cruise ship didn’t have a pool, I probably wouldn’t go on it.

Disney Wonder. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember Disney having any special activities for the adults.  I found it was boring tailing my kids around. Again, I went in 2014 and at that time they didn’t even have MARVEL or Star Wars to cater to boys.  I’m a bit biased against Disney, but I had ask my friends what they did on their Disney Cruise and they were just tailing their kids around too.

Sky Course on Carnival

Carnival Sunshine.  To be fair, Carnival did not have much in the adult entertainment arena either.  They had their giant waterslides, sky course and mini-golf.  Pineapple Bun came down those giant waterslides at lightning speed and Papa Bun did the sky course.  I was jealous I didn’t get to try it since I didn’t have the proper footwear, but I will if I have the chance again now that I know what shoeware to bring on a cruise.  See: Traveling Shoes Post:

Anthem of the Seas.  There are a number of activities on Royal Caribbean cruise that both adults and kids can do.  So for the adults, I’ll stick to activities that adults or bigger kids can do on the ship.  First are the bunch of things everyone on the Anthem of the Seas can do: North Star, Rock Climbing, RipCord, Flow Riding, Circus Trapezing, Roller Skating.  As you can see, Royal Caribbean really caters to all age types.

RC- North Star
RC- Bumper Cars- Adult or kid activity?

I hope you enjoy this Adult Entertainment Post.  If anyone went to Disney and I’m wrong, please leave me a comment below on your experiences.

Until next time, Happy Cruising!

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