Ship Vs Ship- Water Areas

As I said before in Ship Vs Ship- Adult entertainment, if the ship doesn’t have a pool, I won’t go on it, but not all pools are created equal, especially kiddie pools.  So in this post, I’ll give you a look of what’s inside the waterworks of each ship.

Disney Wonder.  (sorry, no pic) I think Disney had the most variation of pools for toddlers.  If you were an adult, you can splash around with them.  They had a splash pad for kids in diapers, a knee length pool for 3-5yrs old and a mickey shaped pool about 4 feet deep.  At the time I went, the buns weren’t even tall enough for the kid slides.  Such a miss for us, but would be a hit for the younger crowd.

Carnival Waterworks

Carnival Sunshine.  I love that their kids area had a slide and a bucket that splashes down on kids when its full.  It’s big enough for the kids to run around in so it does the job.  The other Water areas are this pool that you see for EVERYONE on the ship.  I think my friend’s pool in his backyard is bigger than this one.  Carnival, you need to up your pool game.

Carnival- Everyone Pool
Royal Caribbean H2O Zone

Anthem of the Seas. Royal Caribbean, you should be ashamed of yourself.  This splash area is downright dangerous.  The ground of this splash zone is like a prickly concrete.  Kids will scrape their feet and knees crawling in this tidal wave area.  We had to stop using this splash zone after the first after we saw what it did to them.  Where it does shine is that it has an outdoor pool, indoor pool and the Solarium.  We didn’t even dip our toes in the outdoor pool because the indoor pool was always empty.

Royal Carribean Indoor pool
RC- Adults Only Solarium

Do you go swimming in the pools during your cruises or do you prefer to lounge around?  Leave your comments below.

Until next time, Happy Cruising!

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