Ship Vs Ship- Free Dining

Cruise ships nowadays have plenty of free dining options.  Even if the dining may not be free for dinner, some of those restaurants may do a complimentary lunch.  No longer is the buffet the only haven for food on the ship, we will dive into the plethora of dining experiences.

Disney Pirate Theme Restaurant

Disney Wonder.  We probably all know how I feel about Disney at this point, but no one beats Disney at dining.  They have by the far the best food of all 4 cruise lines I’ve tried.  Their dining experience is so unique, I don’t even feel tempted to try the paid dining.  They do a rotating Dining Room where you go to different dining rooms per night followed by your own server.  I didn’t even do buffet at Disney besides embarkation day because the dining rooms were closed.  The dining rooms each had their own theme and experience.  The servers went so far as delivering Hotdog Bun’s food to the private island personally and by foot.  Disney Dining gets two thumbs up from me!

Carnival Main Dining Room

Carnival Sunshine. I think Carnival Buffet and Main Dining Room dining is nothing that will blow your mind, but where they bring it are the food options that are not those two, namely Guy’s Burgers and BBQ joints.  Unlike Disney where everything is done in-house, Carnival pays outside help for some awesome grub.  If you can’t beat them, do it another way and Carnival really shined at this idea of bringing in outside food.

RC- Paella 

RC- Anthem of the Seas.   Speaking of opposites, Royal Carribean is the opposite of Carnival where RC does a great job at Main Dining and Buffet food.  They will have typical cuisine like pasta and chicken, but every night, a new cultural favorite comes out, be it Indian, Polish, German, etc.     My personal favorite is the Grande where they have a buffet and you can order from a menu.  It’s great when you have a starving me and buns that can get food right away, but also order food off a menu and feel fancy.

RC- The Grande Buffet and Table Service

I didn’t quite notice how different the free dining experiences were until this article, but I guess to each their own.  Which free dining experience do you think is best for you?  Let me know below.

Until next time, Happy Cruising!

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