Ship vs Ship- Kid Activities

I was going to leave the Kid camps as the kid entertainment, but I guess they did more than that.  Cruise lines nowadays really know how to make it family friendly.  There are a number of things that they offer on ships now that everyone can do.  

Disney Wonder.  I think the most prominent kid entertainment on this ship outside of pools is really character Meet and Greets.  Anything else, I’m not too sure of.  Does anyone else know what you can do on the Disney ship besides meet Princesses and Mickey’s peeps?

Carnival Mini Golf

Carnival Sunshine.  Although Pineapple Bun loved waterslides, Hotdog Bun did not.  I was just lucky enough that both kids met the height requirement to go on the slide. For future reference, your bun needs to be 48” to do most entertainment on the ship.  They did like golf and there’s always a sports/ fun deck.

Carnival Height for Waterslides
Carnival Waterslides

RC- Bumper Cars

Anthem of the Seas. Like I mentioned before, there’s an array of activities for kids to do on this ship.  They roller skated, North Starred, bumper carred and even did the simulation skydiving.  The instructor loved them because he could’ve thrown them around all day because they were lighter than paper.

RC- Rollerskating
RC- North Star 
RC- Fly kid Fly!

So which kid activity tickles your kid’s fancy?  I’m not even sure which one is my bun’s favorite?  It’s probably RC camp if they had to choose.

Until next time, Happy Cruising!

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