What I Shouldn’t Buy This Year..

First and foremost, I would like you to know that committing to a Tuesday, Friday schedule is just something I can’t do right now because of what I plan for 2017.  That being said, I will try to stick to a twice a week posting and will notify via facebook when my posts do come up.  I’m really focused on trying to come up with better content but also better pictures and that’s the part that takes up alot of time.  So I apologize in advance for my shortcomings but hoping you still enjoy the blog anyway.

Folks, its January and you know it’s that time for resolutions.  Did we make the usual list; lose weight, eat healthy, organize our stuff and save money?  Well, here’s an idea that can target the last two, buy less stuff.  Looking around, we live a life full of plenty.  We have so much that we barely ever even use it all.  So part of organizing comes with decluttering and buying less helps us to have less to go through.  Naturally buying less also saves us money. Win, win.  My 2017 goal is to use what we have instead of going out to buy what I think I need which ends up living in my house, untouched.

  • Colored Makeup.  So this includes all makeup that is colored, eyeshadow, blushes, lipsticks, etc.  I’m also throwing in highlighter and contour.  Hitting VIB Rouge status at Sephora 2 years in a row is starting to scare me and I realize now that although I like experimenting with makeup, I really do have the same go-to looks that I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a year.
  • Toys and Games.  Really, Mamabun?! you have two buns that you’re not buying them toys or games?  To be honest, I rolled my eyes at myself when I made this resolution, but something has to be done.  You see, what you don’t know about my buns is they act like rockstars.  They would completely trash their rooms with toys and would cry they can’t clean it up.  Every time I think of that I cringe and decided that they don’t need anymore toys.

  • Games.  And well, games, you know.. good uncles and aunts spoil them and buy them games they never get to play with because they are too busy acting like rockstars.
  • Books.  The importance of books is to read them, not keep them around to feel intelligent.  This year, we plan to read every single book in our collection.  I buy with purpose, but when there is so much, I forget what I have.  I already sorted them out to: Phonic Readers, Reference, Story Time, Science and Seasonal.


  • Planner stuff.  I’m completely addicted to planning and realize that I spend more time planning than doing.  I bought stickers and washi tape and it just began to be too time consuming.  It was fun, but sticking to just a to-do list with a reasonable amount of time to do it helps me get more things done.

Well, that’s my list for 2017, I’m sure I should put bags and shoes somewhere in there, but I’m not going to.  Life is too short, buy what you need and love what you have.   Until next time.. Happy Growing!!


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2016 Yearbook!!


We’re in  first couple days of January and it doesn’t feel like 2017 has quite arrived.  Does anyone miss 2016?  Before I’m too engrossed in 2017, I would like to share some of our highlights of 2016.  Every year has been better and better and the yearbooks are growing in pages!!  Enjoy!

January 20162016-yb-2

February 20162016-yb-3

March 20162016-yb-4

April 20162016-yb-5

April 20162016-yb-6

May 20162016-yb-7

June 20162016-yb-8

June 20162016-yb-9

June 20162016-yb-10

July 20162016-yb-11

August 20162016-yb-12

September 20162016-yb-13

September 20162016-yb-14

September 20162016-yb-15

October 20162016-yb-16

November 20162016-yb-17

December 20162016-yb-18 2016-yb-19 2016-yb-20

Hoping your 2017 is better than 2016..  Happy Growing!!

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A Couple of Things about the blog for 2017..


A New Year and a better glimpse of what this blog would look like in 2017.  This blog has gone through numerous changes, I’ve posted on pregnancy, knowledge of becoming a new mom, books and games kids enjoy and many other things.  I want to genuinely write about things that interests me and share that with you. So looking forward, this is what is to come..my 2017 goals..

  • Stand up tall, be confident.  Making a couple of life choices can be scary, but know yourself and be confident that you made the right decision because you know yourself best and deserve the best.
  • Try new things even if it scares me.  I’m not sure where I got this from, but “Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.  We really only have one life to live so being scared to live is just silly.                                               img_5552
  • Do better on things I’ve already tried.  Restarting this blog this year was something I hope I will do better this time around.  There will not only be posts about the buns, but also things that are fun like home decor, meal planning, beauty, goal setting, all sorts of things that make life interesting.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the small moments.  Life is full of wonderful times even if that means staying at home and playing with your younger sister.

_dsc2088 _dsc2089

  • Capture the big moments.  They will grow up super fast and before you know it , so catching a gradation and a birthday or two is very important.


  • Don’t stop experimenting.  Having an allergy kid has taught me many things:  I will never stop finding ways to make them better.  I will try everything I can to make sure they grow up to be happy, healthy beings.  Experimenting will help us all learn new things.  Things that help us to be better for the people we care about.

There’s more to come.  Until next time ..

Happy Learning!!

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Christmas Books


“Reading give us a place to go when we have to stay where we are”.  Sometimes a break can be long and rainy days make us stay indoors.  Why not curl up with some good books to make the time go faster?  This is what we’ve been reading the whole break, lots of stories of Christmas and Santa Claus.

How to Catch Santa, By Jean Reagan.  

Santa’s Secret Revealed, By James Solheim   Christmas, By Clement C. Moore

A Homemade Together Christmas, By MaryAnne Cicca-Leffler

Christmas in the Castle, By Andrea Posner-Sanchez

Fly Guy’s Ninja Christmas, By Tedd Arnold

Henry and Mudge and a Very Merry Christmas, By Cynthia Rylant

Pooch on the Loose, By Steven Kroll

The Polar Express, By Chris Van Allsburg 

The Night Before Christmas, By Barbara Reid 

Santa Claus and the Three Bears, By Maria Modugno

The Twelve Days of Christmas, By Dan Andreasen

ChristmasTime, By Alison Jay

Until next time, Happy Reading!!

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How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Christmas Break!

The kiddies are home! Its currently Christmas break for the kids so there’s no school for them.  It’s been awhile since they have been off for 10 days straight and I don’t want bored complaining kids running the house.  Here’s what we will be doing this Christmas break.

  • Watch a movie.  We’re going to watch Moana.
  • Do some Crafts.  I’m happy the buns are older this year and can go about things without too much of my help.  If you have little ones, pull out some crayons and paper.

img_1596  img_1612

  • Bring them to do something Christmassy.  For us, our decorations are still up, so it means that others are too.  Riding around looking at houses with decorations is a great way to get the little ones to sleep in the car.  You can also do the opposite, and take down decorations with your little ones.  There’s nothing better than having a helping hand when cleaning up is involved.
  • Sing songs.  
  • Act silly.  img_1600
  • Do homework.  For older kids, this is a must.  The kids can have a go with it first if you need some time off and you can always check it later.
  • Read Christmas books.  Although Christmas is over, it only comes once a year.  So we’re reading ours til they go back to school.  They enjoy the stories and its a time killer.img_1610
  • Watch old Christmas movies.  We’re so excited we just got some Christmas movies this year.  Even if you don’t have any Christmas movies on hand, you can watch kid movies or even kid shows.  Everyone deserves some downtime on their break including us parents.
  • Go shopping.  It’s a great time of year to go shopping with the little ones.  Everything is on sale.  Want to keep them busy?  Give them something to hold in the cart.  Let them know if they are good, they can keep it, but if they are naughty, it goes back on the shelf.
  • Make food.  Kids really enjoy cooking.  Well, at least the eating part.  So we’re making jello this year.
  • Play with the gifts they got.  Having alot of gifts is a blessing, but not playing with them is just a crime.  This year, we received alot of toys.  So go ahead, break them out and play with the kids.
  • Take them on trips.  img_20161226_174935

Hope you have a great Christmas Holiday.  We sure are!!  Until next time..

Happy Playing!!



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2016 Christmas Tablescape and my 5 Tips to Getting Started


Okay, I know I’m blowing my Tuesday, Friday schedule..  but I really can’t see the point of posting this after Christmas.  Afterall, this is a Christmas table happening right now, right this second.  I came up with this tablescape and hope you enjoy..  If you want to create something similar, below are my tips how..

img_1579  img_1580

  1. Theme.  If you have trouble coming up with a theme, you can always start with something you already have and love.  I bought those rustic Christmas trees last year without even knowing where I was going to put them, but knew I loved them nonetheless.  Fast forward to this year, and they are the inspiration to my table.

  2. Include ceilings, walls and table cloths.  It feels like a whole space has been decorated instead of the decorations floating around.

  3. Have a color scheme that spans the space.  It ties everything together and is much easier on the eyes.

  4. Apothecary Jars.  They can be used in different holidays depending what’s inside.  It’s great to add height and a bit of elegance.

  5. Pops of Color.  Since my color palette were darker more rustic Christmas colors, I added a bit of white and lime green to liven things up.


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas 2016.  Until next time..

Happy Decorating!!



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Merry Christmas 2016!


Merry Christmas from the Buns!!  I know its been a long time, but we thought its always nice to come back with a card.

The Buns have grown up to be little adults and doing great.  We took a year off from blogging but now we will be back with more posts than ever before.  Okay maybe not more posts, but definitely better ones.  Keep an eye out on Tuesdays and Fridays for new things to come.

Until then..Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!

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Newborn Books: Nursery Rhymes


I love a good nursery rhyme.  I think the kids love hearing things in rhyme.  I’m sure they have scientific proof out there that kids not only love nursery rhymes, but they can also learn from it.  I’m not a scientist though, but I can tell you that my kids run to sit on my lap when it’s nursery rhyme time.  I think it’s easier for them to understand the english language when there’s a beat to it.  Some of the stories are so silly that looking at the pictures is enough.

I personally love Humpty Dumpty because he’s not bright and sat on a wall and then had a great fall.  I swear the buns like Hickery Dickery Dock.  In any case, storytime becomes full of sillies and everyone gets off to bed feeling happy.

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1 yr Game: Sorting

Throw back Thursday!  I remember these days when Pineapple Bun was just fun to be around.  She was easy to teach and did things her way.  I had to simply put the activity in front of her, show her an example of what to do and left her be.  Pineapple Bun would figure the rest out on her own.

So here, we are doing sorting at 1.  It’s not that complicated, purple things go in the purple cap cup and orange things go in the orange cap cup.


And then she did this..  I realized life is full of unexpected lessons and there’s not one way to sort things.


Fun Factor.  Let’s be honest, which kid doesn’t like putting things in other things?  At 3 & 5, my kids now still love putting things in buckets and lugging it around the house.  Pineapple Bun quite enjoyed this game, but not in the way I expected.

Ease of Use.  If you bun can get a snack from their snack cup, this game is right up their alley. The only hard part is getting the pompoms, sticks and snack cups with color tops.

Longevity.  I’m not sure how long your bun will stay interested in this game.  I do know the play time is around 10-15 minutes, depending how coordinated your bun is.

Education.  I think this is a foundation of any bun learning.  They need to be able to differentiate between 2 items.  In the future they will be sorting automatically to make learning easier.  Games like sorting will forever be in our curriculum when learning something new.  I can tell you, I’m about to introduce my buns to coins and the first activity they will do is sort them, before learning their value.

Value.  Once your bun learns to sort, the lesson is invaluable.  Just think of all the possibilities they can learn just by telling things apart.  The bun can just about sort anything.  Today its pompoms and sticks, purple from orange, tomorrow it can be coins or animals or habitats, etc.

Until next time, Happy Playing~!

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1 yr Books- 100 Words

IMG_4200This comes very highly recommended from parents that have bought these books or had been gifted them.  If you don’t have these books and you really want to start building your bun’s vocabulary, I suggest you get them.  These books are best when your child is in jibber jabber stage.  The bun wants to talk, but don’t know actual words.  These books are great because they categorize words to a topic, ie: food, bedtime etc.  The book shows real pictures instead of cartoons and the word is at the bottom of the picture.  It can’t get simpler than this.

IMG_4203  IMG_4202

I’m not sure if you noticed, but back in the day, our old banner were the buns sitting together and we tried a number of things including our actually 100 word book.   Now they’ve grown quite a bit and we recently changed the banner but here it was.

And here were our other shots:

IMG_5743 IMG_5734

Obviously the ball didn’t work and the book, well..we wished we knew what Hotdog Bun was looking at because it’s certainly not us.

Until next time.. Happy Reading!


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